PracticeGuru was born of necessity on the shores of Seattle's beautiful Green Lake


When Ryan & Dr. Sara Cassidy opened the doors of Seattle Orthodontic Practice Green Lake Orthodontics, they knew they wanted to build a different type of practice.  Ryan started building software to run the things differently.  He wanted the team to focus on outstanding patient care - not routine office tasks.  He also wanted to spend more time skiing than managing the business, so always looked for ways to build more automation.  Then other dentists and orthodontists started asking to use the software.  Thus PracticeGuru was born. 


The Team

Ryan Cassidy
Founder, CEO

Ryan has worked in diverse industries - ranging from premium wine to technology to brick and mortar retail. He spent nearly 7 years at Amazon working on Amazon Prime, general retail, and hardware programs for Kindle. He brings a passion for automation, simple user interfaces, and elegant solutions.


Dr. Sara Cassidy
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Sara Cassidy runs a highly successful orthodontic practice in Seattle, WA which also happens to be PracticeGuru's test lab.  Dr. Sara is obsessive about creating the best patient experience. 


Principal Dog

Cali is a critical part of the team. Most good ideas start with her. 

The Next Phase

We're always looking for the team members who will help grow us into our next phase.  Let's chat: 

Open Positions

Someone Special

We're still small and nimble, but we'll be looking to grow soon. Get in touch if you think you're a fit!



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