What does your website say about you? 

Customers do judge a book by it's cover. If your website is cluttered & outdated, you inadvertently send a message to your customers that you don't keep up with technology - and they may telegraph that to your quality of care. 

If you're still on a hand coded website that someone's niece built for you or some proprietary web platform developed by a dental marketing company, it's time to reassess.  If someone is asking for thousands of dollars to hand-code a website, run away.   There are amazing tools to make the construction and management of beautiful websites easier and more affordable than ever.  

PracticeGuru will build you a beautiful, modern website that looks great across all devices and lets you make text and photo updates whenever you'd like.  And we can launch your new site in a few weeks

How much more affordable is this new technology, you ask?  

We can build you a great site for little as $3,999. 

You've always been able to get cheap sites.  But not great cheap sites. Interested?  Fill out the form below and let's chat. 

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