Streamlined New Patient Acceptance

Getting patients through the door is just half the battle. In today's competitive environment, every little edge helps in patient conversion.  OrthoQuote is the first software designed specifically to make the mechanics of the Treatment Coordinator's job easier - letting them spend more time building relationships with patients.   The 100% digital workflow means less work for your staff and more delighted patients. 

Painless Patient Creation

Duplicating work is no fun for anyone, so OrthoQuote keeps new patient creation simple - enter a first name, last name, and email address and you can now start managing your new patient acceptance flow. 

Instant Quote Generation

Once a new patient is created, your treatment coordinator or financial coordinator can create a beautiful, easy to read, practice branded quote in under 30 seconds. No math required.  Then, with the click of a button they can convert those quotes to a PDF for printing or emailing.   

Painless Status Tracking

Once a quote has been generated, your Treatment Coordinator can easily see who is pending and when the last communication with the patient was.  No more paper piles or hand managed lists.   OrthoQuote eliminates the leaky bucket problem - no patient can be forgotten. 

Embedded Patient Communications

When patients have failed to convert, OrthoQuote prompts your Treatment Coordinator to send an email follow up or call the patient and pre-determined intervals.  Email text can be customized and emails can be sent right from within OrthoQuote.  

Digital Contract Signing

After a patient has agreed to start treatment, you can send them a treatment contract for digital signature.  Patients rave about the simplicity of clicking a link in their email and completing the signing process in under 60 seconds.  After they sign, their status is automatically updated in OrthoQuote and you can download a PDF of their signed contract. 

PatientPulse Patient Satisfaction Tracking Software

No amount of software magic can make up for unhappy patients.  PatientPulse from PracticeGuru makes it easy to keep tabs on patient satisfaction - and give your happiest patients a direct way to sing your praises.  


We think cool software should be affordable. PatientPulse review optimization software comes in a free Starter version and just $29/month per location for our Premium version.

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Save $1000's on Marketing

Marketing to acquire new patients is a dynamic expertise.  Large companies like Amazon and Google have hundreds of people trying to figure out how to get better at this. PracticeGuru brings some of that same thinking to your practice.  We use the same advanced machine learning tools as Amazon to forecast your new patient consults and starts and tell you - when there's still enough time to act - when to spend more or spend less and what to spend.